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By using a whipping process and 24 hour long batch conditioning process, we produce a soft texture taffy that simply melts in your mouth.   Add to that the finest in domestic and imported flavors, and the result is perfection in confectionTry some today!

J.V. Glade Taffy Town Founder

J.V. Glade, Founder

A little history
We have been a family business for 100 years.  Our company was originally known as the Glade Candy Company offering individuals the finest in gourmet candy.  Then, in 1995, David Glade grandson of the founder, changed the name to “Taffy Town, Inc.”  to reflect our total dedication to taffy excellence.  Our company then expanded to serve a World Wide market.

Peanut Free Salt Water Taffy

No Peanuts

Tree Nut Free Salt Water Taffy

No Tree Nuts

Gluten Free Salt Water Taffy

Gluten Free

Taffy Made with Kosher Dairy

Kosher Dairy


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