Caramel Apple – October Flavor of the Month – 30% Off!

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Salt Water Taffy | Caramel Apple | Taffy Town

It wouldn’t be the fall season without a fresh batch of Caramel Apple Taffy.

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This delicious bite-sized treat is everything you need to make those crisp October evenings even better. Snatch a bag of Taffy Town’s customer-favorite Caramel Apple Taffy with a 30% off discount during the entire month of October.

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For over 100 years, Taffy Town has been manufacturing gourmet Salt Water Taffy. Each of our delicious whipped taffy combines the best ingredients for a melt-in-your-mouth taste including our Caramel Apple Taffy flavor. Made in the USA, using the best ingredients and flavors we can find, Caramel Apple Taffy is everything you need to kick off the fall season.

Caramel Apple | Salt Water Taffy | Taffy Town

Worried about allergies? Stop stressing. Our factory is free of tree nuts, peanuts, and gluten. In fact, all of our products contain egg whites and milk for a creamy taste and texture that’s unlike any other.

Whether you’re passing it out on Halloween night or want a bag all for yourself, shop now and score big with our 30% flavor of the month discount.