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Salt Water Taffy Colors

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All About Our Salt Water Taffy Colors

Salt water taffy has been long known as the nation’s favorite candy for parades. After all, there’s nothing better than the sweet taste of taffy candy on a hot summer day. However, Taffy Town’s Colors Taffy has an infinite number of uses throughout the entire year. From delicious wedding favors to candy buffet tables, our Colors Taffy is a hit at any event. With an array of solid-colored taffies in ultra-clear wrappers to show bright vibrant hues in incredible flavors, we have the perfect candy to make your next event a success. One of our favorite applications for colored taffy is as gender reveal & baby shower party favors. Decorate your baby shower candy table in style with a blue and pink candy buffet or mix it up and decorate the event with every color in the rainbow, from white and purple to pink and green taffy. With such a delicious party favor, your baby shower is sure to be a win.

Colors salt water taffy from Taffy Town is so popular at parties and event planning for its vibrant hues and shades that immediately catch the eye. Not only do these bite-sized showstoppers stand out at first sight, but our taffy is also world-renowned for its flavor. Using the finest domestic and imported flavors, the candy experts at Taffy Town have been revolutionizing the saltwater taffy production process for over 100 years. Our unique 24-hour conditioning and whipping process allows us to create the exceptional melt-in-your-mouth texture that our taffy is best known for. With nearly a dozen colored taffies to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect candy for your next event, party, or craft project. Order your tasty taffy treats today!

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