Taffy Chess Set


Put a spin on one of the classics with Taffy Town’s updated version of chess! Lost a few pieces out of your favorite set? Don’t know where you left the queen? Ready to mix things up? No worries. Taffy Town is here to help. Our modernized version will liven up the board with pieces that are yummy enough to eat.

This sweet set of delicious salt water taffy comes with:

16 White (Vanilla) Colors pieces

16 Black (Licorice) Colors pieces

4 Green (Apple) Colors pieces

4 Orange (Orange) Colors pieces

4 Yellow (Banana) Colors pieces

4 Red (Strawberry) Colors pieces)

4 Blue (Raspberry) Colors pieces

Don’t you worry! We will stick some extras in there to make sure you have a tasty treat during the game! Don’t forget to download the PDF for instructions on building your game!

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