The Salt Water Taffy Experts

“Our Standards are the Benchmark for Salt Water Taffy”

Why is our candy considered the best Salt Water Taffy?

As a 4th generation family business based in the USA, we are dedicated to carrying on the delicious legacy that came before us. Through the years, we have been able to perfect and refine our taffy production process. Each piece of candy taffy comes from a hand-made batch process and Taffy Town is famous for its unique recipe, using egg whites to create a whipped nougat-style taffy with a soft texture that simply melts in your mouth.

Over 75 Salt Water Taffy Flavors

We strive for perfection in all our Candy Taffy and make sure we always carry the best of flavors. Our goal is to provide the most flavorful, true to life varieties of soft, whipped style taffy you can find. We are always testing new flavors and adding them to our list; with over 75 flavors and all kinds of different assortments, you are sure to find a taffy that you love. Make sure you check out our Flavor Guide to find your favorites.

Have a diet restriction that keeps you from eating the candy you love?

Our business is committed to the candy excellence we started over 100 years ago, and we want everyone to be able to partake in our delicious treats. We are proud to offer a completely nut, gluten & soy free taffy for all our flavors. Even our Peanut Butter and PB&J taffies are nut-free! Our salt water taffy is Kosher certified and comes in both regular and sugar free options.

Are you a wholesaler looking to buy taffy in bulk?

We are crazy about our taffy and want everyone to be able to partake in the delicious flavors. But we can’t do it alone! Check out our most recent brochure to learn more about our bulk saltwater taffy options. Send us a message with your information and we’ll start assisting you in selling our product. There is a 1 case minimum requirement, but that won’t be a problem once you and your customers get a taste for our irresistible taffy!


Where Did the Name "Salt Water Taffy" Come From?

The classic American confection got its name from the tradition of being sold by the seashore. Earliest signs of its use point to a legendary incident on the Jersey shore in the early 1900s, where a candy store owner, David Bradley, is mentioned to have coined the phrase “salt water taffy”. He used the term to describe what he had available to sell after opening up shop the day after a flooding storm that damaged his products for sale. Salt water taffy isn’t made with salt water, but the name stuck!

How is Salt Water Taffy Made?

Salt water taffy from Taffy Town is produced through a very unique, specific process. We start by boiling sugars in a large copper kettle to a high temperature. Then we take the supersaturated mass and aerate it, which captures tiny bubbles in the candy to give it that soft, “melt-in-your-mouth” texture. To aerate our taffy, we whip egg whites into the mixture. After that, our salt water taffy is shaped, cut into small pieces, packaged, and shipped to customers and retailers nationwide! To see more of our taffy production process, watch this video.

How Many Calories Are in a Piece of Salt Water Taffy?

Each salt water taffy treat from Taffy Town weighs approximately 7 grams. A 7-gram piece of taffy contains about 27 calories.

Does Salt Water Taffy Contain Dairy?

Taffy Town taffy is unique from traditional taffy recipes in that it indeed uses evaporated milk in its process for a richer, creamier candy piece. While not quite dairy free, salt water taffy from Taffy Town is tree nut, peanut, soy allergen free & gluten free! Additionally, many of our salt water taffy flavors come in both regular and sugar-free options for a candy that fits every preference.

How do I Select an Assortment of Taffy Town Flavors?

We know it’s hard to choose just one flavor of taffy, which is why we offer assortment packages! To purchase a variety of Taffy Town flavors in your next order, visit our Build Your Own Assortment page and select one of the following package options: 2 lb. gift box, custom 3 lb. bag, or our taffy sampler package. You can select 2 different flavors, 10 different flavors, or even sample all 79 of our tasty taffies!

What is Sassy Taffy?

Sassy Taffy is a slightly sourer, more intense fruit-flavored version of our original taffy recipe. We like to say that “it’s not too sour, just a little sassy!” This ever-popular sweet & sour salt water taffy is loved by every member of the family! You can try a combination of our Sassy Taffy by purchasing a fruit-flavor assortment or try our new Melon Sassy Taffy today!

Where Can I Buy Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy?

You can purchase our irresistible salt water taffy right here on our website or at any fine candy store retailers nationwide — even at some retailers internationally! Also available on Amazon and other online retailers. Shop your favorite salt water taffy now!