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Dessert Taffy

Apple Pie Taffy

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Banana Split Taffy

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Candy Apple Taffy

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Chocolate Taffy

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Cinnamon Roll Taffy

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Cotton Candy Taffy

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Fruity Cereal Taffy

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Neapolitan Taffy

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PB&J Taffy
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PB&J Taffy

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Pumpkin Pie Taffy

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S'mores Taffy

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Shaved Ice Taffy

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Spumoni Taffy

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Sugar Cookie Taffy

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Dessert Salt Water Taffy Flavors

Enjoy Taffy Town's collection of salt water taffy that tastes like dessert or your favorite late-night snack! Got a hankering for a warm cookie or bakery-fresh cake? We've probably made it into one of our Taffy Town dessert flavors. You'll find traditional dessert flavors like cinnamon roll, chocolate chip cookie, and carrot cake in our collection.

You'll also find a different take on old-fashioned sweets with our banana split taffy, chocolate malt taffy, and root beer float taffy. Our candy apple taffy, cotton candy taffy, and candy bar taffy flavors will take you right back to summer nights at the county fair. While our apple pie taffy, banana cream pie taffy, and pumpkin pie taffy taste just like the holidays. From fruity cereal taffy to strawberry cheesecake taffy, our dessert taffy flavors cure even the sweetest sweet tooth cravings!

Each of our dessert taffy flavors are available in the following sizes:

  • 2.5 lbs
  • 5 lbs
  • 10 lbs
  • 20 lbs

No matter if you order a little or a lot, there are plenty of opportunities to dig into your favorite dessert taffy flavor or savor them all!

Why Try Taffy Town's Dessert Taffy?

Unlike other taffy candies on the market, Taffy Town's dessert salt water taffy is uniquely manufactured with a small-batch whipping process that gives our taffy a soft, chewy flavor that just can't be beat! We're always testing new flavors so you can enjoy your favorite treat. Why should you try our dessert salt water taffy flavors? Here are just a couple of reasons.

Fastest and Easiest Way to Enjoy Your Favorite Dessert Flavors

Craving some chocolate chip cookies but don't have the time to pop some in the oven? Just unwrap a few pieces of our chocolate chip cookie taffy. Instead of going through the hassle of making or buying your favorite dessert from a store, you'll have our unique dessert-flavored gluten-free taffy flavors on hand whenever you have a craving. Talk about a delicious and flavorful sweet-snacking convenient treat!

One Bite Full of Dessert Flavor

If you've just finished dinner and need something sweet but can't commit to a whole dessert, it's Taffy Town dessert flavors to the rescue! Instead of eating a slice of birthday cake or a bowl of ice cream, you'll have your favorite dessert's rich, sweet flavor in just one bite. With our wide variety of flavors, you can try multiple dessert flavors at once instead of eating a large serving of dessert. Want to chase your chocolate caramel mocha taffy with a taste of s'mores? We won't judge.

When and Where to Enjoy Dessert Taffy

Perhaps one of the greatest things about taffy is that you can take it with you anywhere! Taffy is portable, easy to carry around, and fits perfectly in your pocket. Can't carry around an entire pie or pumpkin with you? Just pack a few pieces of taffy, and the problem is solved! While you can enjoy taffy anytime, here are a few of our suggestions where and when to enjoy your favorite taffy:

A sweet treat in your lunchbox

Work and school days are much sweeter if there's taffy involved! Toss a few pieces in your lunchbox to help brighten your lunch hour.

The perfect companion to your favorite game

Whether you're headed out to watch your favorite professional team or your kiddo's soccer game, pack some of your favorite dessert flavors for when the cravings hit.

Sharing with a loved one or neighbor

What's better than enjoying your Taffy Town flavors? Sharing them with a loved one or a neighbor, of course!

A cure for road trip cravings

Stuck in the car for hours on your road trip? Some Taffy Town taffy makes road trips fun, interesting, and sweet.

A companion on your hike or picnic

If you're heading out on a leisurely picnic or a hike to your favorite spot, pack a few pieces of our dessert candy taffy. You'll not only have a sweet treat, but it'll also give you some energy to keep you going.

Throwing out at a parade

The best parades feature Taffy Town! Our taffy is the perfect candy to toss off your float or share at any large event. With our wide variety of dessert flavors, yours is sure to be the favorite float in the parade. For more information, check out our wholesale page.

Customize Your Own Unique Dessert Mix

Let's face it: with so many amazing dessert flavors, it's impossible to pick just one. We love to give you plenty of ways to purchase unique salt water taffy flavor options at Taffy Town, which is why we have several ways you can create your own custom mix of your favorite flavors. From custom bags to custom gift boxes, you'll find the perfect option for all your taffy needs in our online taffy shop.

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