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Nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, Taffy Town's taffy shop stands as a beacon of sweetness and artisanal craftsmanship. With over a century of experience perfecting the art of salt water taffy, Taffy Town has become synonymous with quality and deliciousness. Our salt water taffy shop welcomes taffy lovers, so come witness the magic of taffy-making firsthand.
The weirdest candy flavors to ever exist are sure to get your taste buds tingling. Here are 10 weird taffy flavors you won’t believe - straight from Taffy Town!
Calling all sour candy enthusiasts! Prepare your taste buds for July 18th -- National Sour Candy Day! This year, celebrate this tangy holiday with Taffy Town, a delicious leader of mouthwatering taffy, and our famously sour Sassy Taffy.
While everyone enjoys taffy and its distinctiveness, some might be unaware of how this tasty treat is manufactured. Unlike other types of sweets, such as hard candy, suckers, or gummies, taffy is traditionally pulled as the final step of the process. So why does taffy need to be pulled, and what does it do to the taffy? Let’s take a look.
When you're looking for a sweet treat, very few things hit the spot like a piece of taffy from Taffy Town. With over 80 flavors, you'll never be bored with our tasty selection of taffy from our sweet candy company!
For candy lovers, it’s worth looking beyond what you can find at the pharmacy or grocery store. If you love a chewy treat like Laffy Taffy or Tootsie Rolls, look at gourmet options that take the flavor, texture, and enjoyment to the next level.
St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday, March 17. Thanks to the rich Irish culture introduced in America by Irish immigrants, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated right here in the USA more than anywhere else in the world! On March 17, why not use it as an excuse to host friends and family for a fun evening?

Worried about your holiday gifts arriving on time this year? Here’s one item that’s guaranteed: our salt water taffy is proudly made in the USA and is ready to ship directly from our factory!

Now through December 6, you can order our Holiday Gift Box — perfect for any event!

Who invented salt water taffy? How did it get its name? Where did salt water taffy originate from? Read on to learn more about the origins and history of salt water taffy!
If you’re a spice lover, then you’re sure to be excited over the newest assortment from Taffy Town: Sweet Heat Taffy! Our Sweet Heat Mix combines the hottest salt water taffy flavors: Chili Mango, Pineapple Ghost Pepper, and Xtreme Hot Cinnamon. Try today!

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