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Taffy for Parties

Sweet Heat 4.5 oz.

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About Our Salt Water Taffy for Parties & Events

Looking for the perfect party favor for your next event? Lucky for you, Taffy Town has everything you need to make your party a sweet success! Salt water taffy makes for a delicious, colorful, trendy addition to any event. From baby shower & wedding favors to Candyland party themes & birthday party décor, salt water taffy is perfect for every occasion. Dress up your wedding candy table with our bulk taffy available in a wide array of colors, or take your child’s birthday party to the next level with our wild & colorful taffy flavors.

Enveloped in ultra-clear wrappers, our array of solid color taffy offers a dazzling color-match to your theme for any event, party, or group gathering. Our light pink and blues make for a show-stopping baby shower display, and our white taffies can be used as a wedding favor that makes a statement. As candy displays for parties continue to grow in popularity, you can stay ahead of the curve with the help of Taffy Town. Salt water taffy is more than a delectable centerpiece; it’s a head-turner, a conversation starter that will keep your guests coming back for more. If you want to impress at your next party, salt water taffy from Taffy Town is the best place to start. Shop taffy for your event by color, from vibrant reds & oranges to subtle shades of blue & green.

We’ve been making the finest salt water taffy for over 100 years. Each Taffy Town flavor is tried and tested to fit our high standards, and our 24-hour conditioning & whipping process ensures the perfect taste and texture with every portion. Order your tasty taffy candy fresh from our factory to see why our taffy makes the best sweet for any event!

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