Build Your Own Taffy Assortment

How to Build Your Own Taffy Assortment

Did you know that you can create your own customized mix of taffy? If you’ve ever looked at our wide selection of taffy and wanted to create a unique flavor mix, this is the perfect option for you! With nearly 100 flavors to choose from, picking just one is almost impossible. When you create your customized mix of assorted taffy flavors, you can choose from various package sizes, select your unique flavor blend, and have it shipped straight to your door. Grab a customized bag for yourself and share the deliciousness with a friend through a customized gift box!


Take a Peek at our Flavors

Before you begin making your own customized mix, please take a few minutes to browse through all of our flavors. We’ve got everything from chocolate to peanut butter to banana split and even pickle taffy! As you’re browsing, take note of some of your favorite flavors. This will help you order in the next step.


Choose Your Customized Size

There are many sizes of customized taffy packages to pick from, as you may have seen above. Our selection includes the following:


3 lb Custom Taffy Bag

Create your customized selection with this three-pound bag full of fresh taffy straight from our factory. With this personalized option, you can pick and mix up to five different Taffy Town flavors. Your selections will be mixed together, packaged, and sent straight to you.

 3 lbs custom taffy assortment | Build your own saltwater taffy sampler | Taffy Town

3 lb Sugar-Free Custom Taffy Bag

Do you prefer sugar-free taffy? This option is perfect for you! Our delicious sugar-free taffy is sure to become your new favorite treat. You’ll be able to choose up to three different flavors from our sugar-free flavors, which include sugar-free chocolate, banana, vanilla, cinnamon, strawberry, and raspberry. 

3 lbs custom sugar-free taffy assortment | Build your own saltwater taffy sampler | Taffy Town


2 lb Custom Taffy Gift Box

Whether you’re planning on gifting this box to a friend or just purchasing it to treat yourself, this is an excellent option if you want to try more taffy flavors. With this custom taffy box, you can pick and mix up to 10 different flavors! Want more of a specific flavor? Just choose that flavor for multiple selections. For example, if you really love our caramel corn flavor, you can select it for multiple flavor slots. Talk about the ultimate in customization! 


2 lbs custom taffy assortment gift box | Pick and Mix Taffy | Build your own saltwater taffy sampler | Taffy Town

2 lb Custom Sugar-Free Taffy Box

This customized taffy gift box is similar to our regular taffy box–you’ll have the opportunity to pick and mix 10 flavors of taffies from our delicious sugar-free selection. Your customized selection is wrapped neatly in a gift box and sent directly to the recipient. 


2 lbs custom sugar free taffy assortment gift box | pick and mix build your own saltwater taffy sampler | Taffy Town

Try All Taffy Sampler

Can’t decide on certain taffy flavors or just want to try one of them all? Our Try All Taffy Sampler is perfect for you! With this customer favorite, you’ll get to sample one of every regular flavor of Taffy Town taffy. Have fun tasting and savoring every flavor–you’re sure to find some new favorites!


Try all taffy flavors taffy assortment | try all flavors saltwater taffy sampler | Taffy Town

Retro Taffy Bags

Our Retro Taffy Bag mix allows you to order three flavors from our retro taffy candies. They’ll arrive packaged separately with retro labels on each bag. You can choose from chili mango, candy bar, orange cream, and cotton candy. Let the nostalgia take you back when you enjoy your own mix of these flavors.

 Retro Taffy Bags | Old Fashioned Candy | Taffy Town

Checkout and Enjoy!

After you have selected both the size of the package and the flavors that you’d like, all you have to do is check out! Simply click “Add to Bag” then complete the checkout process. We’ll get to work packaging your selections and sending them straight to your door. We even offer free shipping on certain orders. Enjoy each delectably soft taffy flavor, and don’t forget to order again soon!


Indulge in Endless Taffy Flavor Selections at Taffy Town

Whether you want to try just a few Taffy Town flavors or try them all, you’ll be surprised at the deliciousness of each piece of our taffy. We’ve been making taffy with our unique whipping process for over 100 years! Our taffy will melt in your mouth while being also delightfully chewy –it is a delicious treat that you’ll want to try over and over again. Order yours straight from our Utah factory today!

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