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Cookies & Cream Taffy - January Flavor of the Month

January 2019's Flavor of the Month - Cookies & Cream

Move over, Cookie Monster, the new cookie connoisseurs are in town, and we’re shaking things up.

Chocolate cookies and a vanilla cream center is every cookie lover’s dream. Luckily, our newest flavor on the menu is the perfect mixture of both. Brand-new in 2019, Cookies & Cream gives you a delightful chunk of milky chocolate in every bite. This month, you can try it out for yourself with our Flavor of the Month discount.

Put aside the glass. Don’t ever let your cookie drop into the milk again. Cookies & Cream is the perfect way to get everything you love in an all-in-one package. Nothing will ever come between you and your cookies again.

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Along with everything included in this delicious treat, what isn't included makes this saltwater taffy even yummier. Cookies & Cream is free of tree nuts, peanuts, and gluten—making it one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite flavor without any of your food allergies acting up.

Each taffy piece is deliciously whipped to perfection for our signature melt-in-your-mouth texture. Our taffy is also made in the USA in a batch process that uses the best ingredients and flavors in the world. Shop our famous flavors and place an order today!

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