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Transport yourself to the other side of the world when you sink your teeth into our new Bastani Taffy. Get a FREE bag of our limited-edition Bastani Taffy with every order of $50 or more.

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BOGO Halloween Taffy

Discover Our Delicious Halloween Taffy!

Did you know that trick or treaters LOVE getting taffy on Halloween? That is a fact. Time to get spooky and full of candy with our annual Halloween celebration. This year we’re taking things to the next scare level with a BOGO Free Discount on all of our Halloween taffy. Get two bags of our 5 lb. Halloween Mix, 5 lb. Halloween Faces, 5 lb. Pumpkin Patch, or Halloween 2 lb. Bag, for the price of one.


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Don’t miss out on these deals because before you know it All Hallows’ Eve will be beating at your door screaming, “TRICK OR TREAT!”

Don't get the regular candy that kids just pass over on their way to the good stuff. Get the good stuff!


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Buy a sweet treat for the office so your coworkers won't play any tricks on you! Take them to your next client meeting to make a great, spooky impression.

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