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This summer, you don’t have to be beachside to get your piña colada fix. Unwrap and enjoy our Piña Colada taffy for the tart pineapple & creamy coconut that tastes fresh from the blender. Spend $40 or more & get a bag FREE!

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Key-Lime Taffy

This gorgeous green and white-swirled taffy offers a classic tangy taste mixed with our old-fashioned salt water recipe.

Each of our gourmet taffy has an irresistible flavor and non-sticky texture and our Key Lime Taffy is no exception.

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Key-Lime Taffy

Our gluten-free recipes are excellent for candy buffets, holiday treats, summer snacks, party goody bags, and more. Whether you’re bringing it along on your family’s summer vacation or passing it out at a St. Patrick’s Day party, Key Lime is the perfect flavor for any occasion.

For over 100 years Taffy Town has perfected their gourmet taffy recipe and our Key Lime Taffy is one of our favorites. One bite out of it and you’ll swear you’ve been transported to the Caribbean. Available in multiple size varieties, buy yours and savor the sweet flavor of Key Lime today!

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