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Sweet Heat Taffy: Our Hottest Flavor

New From Taffy Town: Sweet Heat Taffy


Taffy Town Sweet Heat Taffy: Hot & Spicy Salt Water Taffy Flavor Mix


If you’re a spice lover, then you’re sure to be excited over the newest assortment from Taffy Town: Sweet Heat Taffy! Our Sweet Heat Mix combines the hottest salt water taffy flavors: Chili Mango, Pineapple Ghost Pepper, and Xtreme Hot Cinnamon.  Each flavor in the mix is sure to test your tongue while satisfying your sweet tooth. It’s a combination that you’ll be addicted to instantly.

At Taffy Town, we’re no stranger to creating exciting flavors. We love to whip up new creations that are sure to raise an eyebrow or two, like our Pickle Taffy, Chicken and Waffles Taffy, and Buttered Popcorn Taffy. Now, we are excited to venture into the realm of sweet and spicy candy. We know the demand for spicy candy is only increasing, and we are happy to oblige. After all, everyone loves a new taste sensation. So what are the spicy-sweet flavors in the mix? Let’s break them down one by one!

Chili Mango Taffy Candy, Pineapple Ghost Pepper Taffy, Cinnamon Salt Water Taffy - Taffy Town Sweet Heat Salt Water Taffy Flavors

Chili Mango

This totally unique taffy tastes like you grabbed a fresh mango off the tree, peeled it, and covered it with tasty chili powder. Talk about tasty! Our Chili Mango Taffy is sweet with a spicy edge. The soft, chewy texture of our taffy will keep you coming back for more. 

Xtreme Hot Cinnamon

If cinnamon taffy is your jam, then you need to try the Xtreme Hot Cinnamon taffy flavor. This isn’t just regular cinnamon taffy. This amped-up extreme hot cinnamon flavor will make your tastebuds tingle! 

Pineapple Ghost Pepper

How much heat can you handle? Try this taffy inspired by one of the hottest peppers in the world. The ghost pepper flavor brings the intense spice while the sweet, juicy pineapple flavor mellows it out. The sweet and spicy combination will keep you coming back for more! Not only that — the Sweet Heat Mix is the only place where you can get a taste of Pineapple Ghost Pepper taffy.

Our Sweet Heat mix is currently available in two sizes: a case of 12 bags in our 4.5-ounce size or our 18-ounce gift canister. Order some for yourself and perhaps some to share. With one bite of our Sweet Heat Taffy, we’re confident you’ll be hooked!

About Taffy Town

Taffy Town Sweet Heat Taffy Gift Cannister: Hot & Spicy Salt Water Taffy Flavor Mix

Whether you love our new flavor combinations like our Sweet Heat Mix or are loyal to the classics, our Taffy Town team is proud to make it all. In fact, we have over 90 different flavors! With such a variety to choose from, you’re sure to find a favorite. Our family-owned and operated business in the Salt Lake City area prides itself on creating a tasty treat that you can enjoy. 

Because we have been in the candy-making business for over 100 years, we’ve had a lot of time to get it right. To make our delicious taffy, we start with only the best ingredients and then move on to our unique production process. While other taffy producers pull their taffy, we whip ours. We combine egg whites, milk, and a variety of flavors to make our taffy while keeping out common allergens like gluten, tree nuts, or peanuts. By incorporating the finest ingredients, we create an amazingly soft taffy that melts in your mouth. But don’t just take our word for it! Read over 300 5-star reviews from happy customers.

If you’re in the mood for a classic candy that pushes the envelope, you can find our Sweet Heat Mix along with all of our other flavors in our online shop. We are happy to ship them to you anywhere. Try some today!

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