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Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel: Season 6, Episode 9 - "Then Sings My Soul"

On October 15th, 1999, Martha Williamson, Executive Producer for CBS Caroline Film Productions, Inc. approached our company about the feasibility of doing a "Touched by an Angel" episode featuring Taffy Town.

Episode Summary:

A man (guest star Greg Evigan) who inherits a taffy factory wants to sell the family business when he finds he cannot live in his beloved father's (guest star Louie Anderson) shadow. The angels show him how much people love his taffy store and the memory of his father.

9 Days of Filming at Our Taffy Factory

The story that CBS wrote was, of course, fictitious; but the message it contained are principles which we embrace.  After considering the impact to our company and approving the script, production began on Nov. 1st and lasted nine days. It contained a record amount of music with the talents of Della Reese, Jo Dee Messina, Keb 'Mo', Jennifer Holliday, and Tom Sullivan just to name a few.  Also, most of Taffy Town's employees were hired as extras and featured in many scenes. 

Episode Aired November 28th, 1999

The episode aired on November 28th, 1999 under the title of "Then Sings My Soul" and proved to be one of their all time classics.

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