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June - Alpine Rush

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Ready for a fun-filled summer with hiking, biking, or days by the water? Create the perfect summer adventure with the perfect pack-along treat. Unwrap energy in a tasty, bite-sized candy that gives you the rush you need to experience all the fun summer has to offer.Spend $50 or more on your next order to get onefree

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Citrus burst in your mouth

Very refreshing citrus flavor

Fresh Citrus Blast in your mouth!

This was a big hit for the entire family!! Most everyone guessed it to be some type of citrus fruit like pineapple, orange, or a blend of both. It was sweet and citrusy and it was gone in minutes!!

Kristen Wahlstrom
It’s a No for me

Not sure what the flavor is supposed to be but I wouldn’t buy it. It’s not horrible but it’s a bit overly sweet for me. I wouldn’t buy this one.

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