3 Reasons Why Salt Water Taffy Makes The Perfect Corporate Gift

Let’s talk about the power of Taffy Town’s salt water taffy. 

Now, you may be wondering how a delicious, soft, chewable candy could possibly have any power. 

But what if we told you that our salt water taffy could help your company drive revenue, save money, and prevent employee turnover? 

That’s pretty powerful stuff. 

We’ll be the first to confess, there’s no magic ingredient in our salt water taffy that automatically guarantees these benefits, but the power lies in one word—gratitude.

And when you convey gratitude to your employees and clients by giving them the gift of salt water taffy, you can leverage that goodwill into higher returns for your business. 

Employee recognition and retention are closely related. In fact, did you know that 63% of employees who are regularly recognized say they are unlikely to look for a new job in the next 3-6 months? Showing your employees you value them goes a long way in improving employee performance, morale and reduces turnover.

And for clients, an unexpected gift fosters reciprocity and trust. In fact, 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with someone if they are offered a personalized experience. 

Salt water taffy is one of those unique gift ideas that can help you build your business. Not only is it the perfect corporate gift, but it’s also a memorable giveaway during events and conferences, especially since you can match your brand’s colors with our taffy.

If more money and goodwill aren’t enough reasons, here are three more reasons Taffy Town salt water taffy makes the perfect gift for your employees.

Affordable And Delicious Salt Water Candy

Corporate gifts don’t need to be expensive to create value. As the great Warren Buffet says, “price is what you pay; value is what you get.”

However, corporate gifts should be thoughtful, and salt water taffy checks all the boxes for being that inexpensive, thoughtful gift that most people would love to receive.

That’s because salt water taffy carries very few allergen risks. Most of our salt water taffy has ingredients that are safe for a large segment of our population, and if there are potentially problematic ingredients, we mark our salt water taffy well to protect your corporate employees and clients.

Customizable Gifts: Branded Salt Water Taffy and Canisters

Salt Water Taffy Corporate Gift Package Canisters with Custom Branded Labels | Taffy Town

Ready to make an impact?

Since salt water taffy comes in dozens of colors and flavors, matching your brand to your gift is easy. In fact, we have over 90 flavors from your gold star favorites such as banana or strawberry to more unique options, like maple-bacon or chili-mango. You can build your own assortment anytime! Or, if your client or employee loves a certain college team, we’ve got taffy assortments available in collegiate colors for a personalized corporate candy gift.

But let’s take it one step further and really leave an impression. Not only can you get your salt water taffy in your corporate colors, but you can also  customize and brand your taffy canisters.

custom corporate gift from Taffy Town

It’s easy and fast. In fact, we only need a two-week lead time for all custom items, and you only need a minimum purchase of 12 canisters that are only $9.99 each. 

To customize your order, simply call Taffy Town at (801) 355-4637 or email us at  info@taffytown.com to place your order. 

Select up to four flavors and choose from the entire spectrum of taffy colors to personalize your corporate gift. We’ll use the artwork you send us in a JPG (image size 4” x 4” at 300 dpi) on your custom taffy canister.

Salt Water Taffy Lasts And Doesn’t Melt

Here’s another reason that salt water taffy makes the perfect corporate gift—it can easily be mailed.

Did you know that 57% of people say that receiving mail makes them feel more valued? It’s true!

Salt water taffy lasts and it stands up to hot or cold weather. So, it doesn’t matter what time of year you are sending your corporate gift, salt water taffy can be the perfect summer treat or Christmas gift. 

Where To Buy Salt Water Taffy Online

We’ve got an additional bonus reason for you. Salt water taffy can be ordered and customized online. You don’t need to visit our shop in-person which makes your day go by just as smooth as . . . well, taffy!

Like we said earlier, if you are customizing your corporate salt water taffy gift, we need two weeks lead time. However, if you would rather choose from our salt water taffy canisters or other gifts, we ship out quickly! We typically ship within one day of receiving your order. (Holidays are another story, however, but at most, we send our taffy out within five business days.)

Are you ready to order and grow your business with Taffy Town salt water taffy? Order the perfect sweet gift today! 

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