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10 Weird Candy Flavors You Won't Believe Exist

For years and years, Taffy Town has been dishing out the most decadent taffy on the market. Our long list of flavors covers all the fan favorites, from butterscotch to cotton candy and sweet, simple vanilla.

But clear on the other end of the spectrum, Taffy Town boasts a strange and wild collection of some of the weirdest candy flavors you’ve ever heard of.

Why, you ask?

Why not?

Because we whip our saltwater taffy, we already provide the softest morsels money can buy. And because we’re so deliciously good at coming up with new flavors, we’ve already nailed the best-selling tastes in the world of candy. So why not stretch a little further? Why not venture into unique candy flavors and crave-able guilty pleasures?

This type of innovative, adventurous thinking has led to these 10 crazy taffy flavors you won’t believe exist.

Pickle Taffy

Taffy Town Pickle Flavored Taffy

That’s right; it wasn’t a typo. Taffy Town is proud to produce gourmet Pickle Taffy with a taste so convincing you could slice it up and slap it on a burger. Don’t believe us? Grab a bag from our website -- but there’s a caveat: we want to see you try it. Take a video or a picture, post it on your social media, and tag us so we can say we told you so. This tangy, zesty, strangely addicting saltwater taffy is about to redefine your idea of what candy should be.

PSA: For the month of October, Pickle Taffy is our featured Flavor of the Month. That means you get a FREE bag of Pickle Taffy with every order over $40. Don't miss this deal!

Maple Bacon Taffy

Taffy Town Maple Bacon Flavored Taffy

Remember when donut shops started topping their maple bars with bacon and everyone was disgusted and intrigued all at once? We’ve wrapped that experience into a fluffy mouthful of whipped saltwater taffy.

Our Maple Bacon Taffy delivers a delightfully harmonious blend of sweet maple and savory bacon -- without the grease. And if you’re one of those strange folk who don’t like mixing sweet and savory into one bite, we’ve got you covered with our traditional Maple Taffy.

Shaved Ice Taffy

Taffy Town Shaved Ice Taffy

Who doesn’t love munching on a cup of syrup-soaked, rainbow-flavored brain freeze? Taffy Town’s Shaved Ice Taffy embodies this beloved taste of summer in a soft, not-so-freezing dollop of whipped gourmet taffy. Now you can enjoy this nostalgic taste all year round!

Spumoni Taffy

Taffy Town Spumoni Flavored Taffy

Who here is a fan of Spumoni, the delicious Italian dessert? For those of you who don’t know, Spumoni is a molded gelato with different layers of flavors, fruits, and nuts. Our Spumoni Taffy is like a bite of this colorful, creamy dessert that will never melt! Enjoy the mouth-watering chocolate, cherry, and pistachio flavors in a smooth, cloud-like texture.

Buttered Popcorn Taffy

Taffy Town Buttered Popcorn Flavored Taffy

Have you tried our Buttered Popcorn Taffy? We can’t explain it, but it is an undeniable fact that when you combine the taste of buttery popcorn with the soft, chewy texture of saltwater taffy, you get the most satisfying candy you will ever taste.

There’s just something so perfect about this pairing that once you try it, you’ll never again be able to have a movie night without it. Mix it up with some Caramel Popcorn Taffy and you’ve got yourself a mouthwatering marvel.

Chili Mango Taffy

Taffy Town Chili Mango Flavored Taffy

Our Chili Mango Taffy is definitely one of the most unique candy flavors in our lineup. This gourmet taffy provides the sweet, slightly sour taste of a fresh mango, followed by a spicy kick of chili powder. And don’t worry; if the chili phase is too spicy for you, you can just unwrap another and cool it down with the juicy taste of mango…that type of logic just can’t fail!

Coconut Curry Taffy

Taffy Town Coconut Curry Flavored Taffy

Who here is a fan of curry?

How about in candy form?

Our Coconut Curry Taffy is a unique and delicious taste to add to your candy bucket list. This strange candy flavor boasts the best curry taste you’ve ever had in candy form, with a delightful undercurrent of fresh coconut.

And speaking of fresh, did you know that our Simply Taffy Mix is made with only the freshest, natural flavors? Yes, that was a shameless plug, but we’re allowed at least one per post -- ask Google.

Fruity Cereal Taffy

Taffy Town Fruity Cereal Flavored Taffy

Next on our lineup of the weirdest candy flavors is our Fruity Cereal Taffy! This taffy flavor is one of our all-time favorites because we all love a delicious, sugary bowl of fruit-flavored cereal. Now you can have your favorite breakfast on the go -- no milk required.

Honey Lavender Taffy

Taffy Town Honey Lavender Flavored Taffy

Our Honey Lavender Taffy gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “gourmet candy.” This decadent saltwater taffy flavor is sure to brighten your day with the smooth, creamy taste of honey paired with the unmistakable addition of real lavender. This unique candy flavor will make the perfect addition to your next brunch or tea time.

Xtreme Hot Taffy

Taffy Town Xtreme Heat Flavored Taffy

Are you a fan of the candy that leaves your tastebuds burning for more? Our Xtreme Hot Taffy is arguably the boldest flavor Taffy Town has ever released. But proceed with caution: this intense saltwater taffy is so deliciously addicting that if you’re not careful, you’ll eat the whole bag in one sitting -- and then you’re really in trouble.

Bonus Taffy!!

Drumroll, please…

You’ve seen freeze-dried Skittles and Starbursts and all manner of chocolate, but have you ever experienced the pure joy of freeze-dried saltwater taffy? Our Taffy Bombs are truly the most unique taffy we have ever released. They’re crunchy, light, airy, and loaded with mouth-watering flavors that you won’t be able to get enough of! Snag a jar for yourself, or stock up on a few of these tasty gift ideas.

Are Your Tastebuds Tingling?

If this article got your tastebuds tingling, imagine what the actual taffy would do. We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of crazy candy flavors in our lineup. Treat yourself to a bag of Taffy Town’s strange and unique taffy flavors today -- and be sure to tag us on social media and tell us what you think!

Not a fan of these oddities? Nobody will judge you for playing it safe -- we promise. Indulge in our vast selection of high-quality, gourmet saltwater taffy flavors. Whether you’re at home on the couch or on the road running errands, our decadent candies are the perfect treat, individually wrapped and packed with tons of mouth-watering flavor.

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