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All About Sugar-Free Salt Water Taffy

Everything You Need to Know About Sugar-Free Taffy!

We frequently receive questions about our Sugar-Free Salt Water Taffy, from what it is, to how it’s made, to what makes it different. Customers from around the country love to learn why Taffy Town’s sugar-free taffy is so unique, and we have the answers to your questions right here. Keep reading to learn all the sweetest secrets that make our sugar-free taffy the best around!

Sugar-Free Salt Water Taffy Assortment - Assorted Sugar Free Taffy Flavors

What Makes Our Taffy Sugar-Free?

At Taffy Town, our sugar-free taffy is 100% sweetened with Maltitol syrup, making it glycemic index friendly. As one of the most popular sugar substitutes, Maltitol syrup does not promote tooth decay and has a lesser effect on blood glucose than traditional sugar. That means you can get the same sweet taste without any of the guilt!

How Is Sugar-Free Taffy Made?

As a Taffy Town insider, you probably know all about how our salt water taffy is made. Our production process is as unique as it is mesmerizing (watch it happen here). What you may not know is that the production process for sugar-free taffy is nearly identical to our original process, with a few exceptions.

How Sugar-Free Salt Water Taffy is Made - Taffy Production Process

In the kitchens, it takes about 45 to create the sugar-free recipe from start to finish, which is about 15 minutes longer than the original Taffy Town process. From there, our sugar-free taffy completes a 3-day journey to achieve the perfect melt-in-your-mouth texture that Taffy Town is known for.

Just as with our original recipes, sugar-free taffy from Taffy Town is free of tree nuts, peanuts, and gluten. All our products contain egg whites and milk for a creamy taste that is without comparison.

What Makes Our Sugar-Free Taffy So Unique?

So, what makes our Sugar-Free Salt Water Taffy different from any other brand? The taste, of course! Our sugar-free taffy flavors aren’t just good; they are out-of-this-world delicious! At Taffy Town, we’ve mastered the art of flavor development, creating a line of sugar-free taffy that tastes just like the real thing. In fact, many of our own employees can’t tell the difference between sugar-free flavors and our tried & true classics. It’s true — even our sugar-free taffy beats out the competition nationwide at every turn. 

Sugar-Free Salt Water Taffy - Vanilla Taffy Lite

Each Taffy Town sugar-free flavor is irresistible, but our Vanilla Sugar-Free Taffy is a bestseller year after year! Enjoy this delicious treat by itself, or buy our Assorted Sugar-Free Bag that comes complete with all of our incredible flavors, including Banana, Blue Raspberry, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Green Apple, Huckleberry, Licorice, Orange, Strawberry, and Vanilla. 

For the Taffy Town taste that you know and love (with half the fat!), shop our featured Sugar Free Salt Water Taffy. We offer our sugar-free selections in single flavors, taffy assortments, or you can even order your own Custom Sugar-Free Taffy Gift Box. Shop today to see for yourself what all the hype is about!


Custom Sugar-Free Taffy Gift Box - Assorted Taffy-Lite Box

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