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Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with some Irish Cream Taffy!

Top of the Mornin' to You!

The Irish know a thing or two about living life to the fullest. We at Taffy Town know a bit about taffy and if you ask us what makes life worth living, it's eating your fair share of our favorite taffy flavors. This Saint Patrick's Day we are combining Ireland’s best with Taffy Town's one-of-a-kind creamy texture and offering you our Irish Cream saltwater taffy.

It wouldn't be March without a little leprechaun luck and this month those gold-loving creatures are definitely on your side. We are offering our seasonal Irish Cream Shamrock taffy in store and on our website! Grab some of this delightfully delicious taffy and it is sure to be a great hit at all of your Saint Patrick's Day festivities.

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About Taffy Town We have been a family business for 100 years. Our company was initially known as the Glade Candy Company offering individuals the finest in gourmet candy. In 1995, David Glade grandson of the founder, changed the name to "Taffy Town, Inc." to reflect our total dedication to taffy excellence. Our company then expanded to serve a World Wide market. By using a whipping process and 24-hour long batch conditioning process, we produce a soft textured taffy that simply melts in your mouth.  Add to that the finest in domestic and imported flavors, and the result is perfection in confection! Try some today!

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