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How to Host the Ultimate St. Patrick's Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday, March 17. Thanks to the rich Irish culture introduced in America by Irish immigrants, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated right here in the USA more than anywhere else in the world! On March 17, why not use it as an excuse to host friends and family for a fun evening?

And if you’re looking for something sweet to cap off a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, we have the bulk St. Patrick’s Day candy you need! Our rainbow, yellow, and green taffy are gourmet sweets that are perfectly on-theme for your Irish celebration.

Here are some ideas to help get your St. Patrick’s Day party started:

Set the mood with a little Irish music.

Irish music

Instantly recognizable, Irish folk music is a surefire way to set the mood for your St. Patrick’s Day gathering. Queue up an Irish playlist or search for The Clancy Brothers or The Chieftains — bands that offer a traditional Irish sound, but can be found on any music streaming service you use.

Try your hand at a traditional Irish dinner.

irish food

Irish foods are easy to make at home and are great crowd-pleasers. Start things off with Irish brown bread, a nutty, hearty bread that’s served in every Irish restaurant. Classic dishes include bangers and mash, beef stew, or corned beef and cabbage. And of course, don’t be afraid to add more potatoes: try a simple potato soup or colcannon, an Irish mashed potato recipe that features cabbage or kale.

Serve an Irish drink.

irish drink

Guinness, of course, is a classic Irish staple — a beer that’s been brewed in Dublin since 1759. You can also whip up easy Irish coffee mocktails, a hot coffee drink topped with cream.

Add some (real) green.


Shamrocks are staples of St. Patty’s Day celebrations and are the national plant of Ireland. But did you know you can grow a shamrock plant indoors? Known as oxalis regnellii, the shamrock plant can be potted and grown in your house to bring a touch of green and even good luck, according to ancient superstition. Add a real shamrock plant or two to your table for a truly authentic Irish celebration.

Finish the night with “a bucket of gold” filled with something sweet. You can’t end the celebration without some St. Patrick’s Day candy. Finish your Irish-themed celebration without pots of gold — and a dessert everyone can enjoy. Fill up individual gold buckets with a green taffy blend from Taffy Town. Arranged to make a green and gold candy table display, these St. Patrick’s day favors make for a sweet ending to the night. Here are our favorite green, yellow, and rainbow taffy flavors we recommend adding to your mix:

  • Green Taffy

    • Key Lime — featuring a bright white swirl, our tropical Key Lime flavor has a bright citrusy flavor.
    • Green Apple — tart and crisp, Green Apple is full of fruity flavor.
    • Golden Pear — delicious and mellow, our Golden Pear flavor is subtly sweet and extra smooth.
    • Pickle Taffy — throw the ultimate curveball with a flavor that is instantly recognized. One of our most popular non-traditional flavors, Pickle Taffy is sure to be a St. Patrick’s Day hit.
  • Yellow/Gold Taffy

    • Lemon Cream— citrusy and sweet, with a creamy center, this lemon cream taffy is bright and refreshing.
    • Banana Cream Pie — down to the dollop of whipped cream, this taffy tastes just like a fresh slice of your favorite homemade pie.
  • Rainbow Taffy

    • Fruity Cereal — enjoy a breakfast-time favorite whenever you want with this cereal-inspired flavor.
    • Frosted Cupcake — Celebrate with the bright rainbow sprinkles and smooth vanilla flavor of this dessert-inspired taffy.

Take the opportunity this year to make St. Patrick’s Day a reason to celebrate with the ones you love. Order your St. Patrick’s salt water taffy now in time for March 17!

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