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National Sour Candy Day

Celebrate National Sour Candy Day with Taffy Town

Calling all sour candy enthusiasts! Prepare your taste buds for July 18th -- National Sour Candy Day! That’s right; as of 2015, this lip-puckering candy category has its very own holiday, and we are here for it! This year, celebrate this tangy holiday with Taffy Town, a delicious leader of mouthwatering taffy, and our famously sour Sassy Taffy.

The History of National Sour Candy Day

The sour candy craze didn’t catch on until the early 90’s, rounding out the candy wheel by adding sour bites as a staple to the usual selection of chocolates and sweets. Up until then, sour candy was seldom chosen, usually serving as a rare treat for children at movie theater concession stands.

After a long journey to fame, these tangy morsels finally got the credit and recognition they deserved. More and more shelves were filling up with shocking new tastes like Warheads, Tear Jerkers, and Sour Patch Kids. In 2015, The American Licorice Company founded National Sour Candy Day as an ode to the lip-puckering, mouthwatering zingers we know and love today!

The Sour Candy Crazy

What makes sour candy so wonderfully crave-able? We chalk it up to all the adventurous flavors.

Where sweets and chocolate must abide by certain rules to maintain an appealing taste, there’s almost no limit to the possibilities of new adventurous sour flavors. For example, when it comes to the more mellow candies, there are so many tastes that can clash with one another. White chocolate pairs wonderfully with lemon, milk chocolate loves chai tea, and dark chocolate shines under a sprinkle of sea salt. But mix the wrong flavors and you’ve got a nasty mistake with a regrettable aftertaste that evokes chewer’s remorse.

But when it comes to sour candy flavor combinations, the sky is the limit! You can take almost any traditional flavor, add some citric acid, and BOOM! It becomes a brand new delicious experience that packs a punch!

Not only can you mix flavors, but you can also turn sweet classics into mouthwatering zingers. Sour cotton candy, sour licorice ropes, and even sour saltwater taffy.

Taffy Town's Sour Taffy Collection

We’re all fans of delectably soft and chewy salt water taffy, but have you ever tried sour taffy? In our (completely unbiased) opinion, a mouthful of taffy is the all-time best way to get your sour fix! There’s just something so unique about combining the soft texture of taffy with the mouth-watering zing of flavors like Sour Melon or Sassy Cherry. And when you order from Taffy Town, the leading taffy candy manufacturer, you know you’re getting the good stuff.

Taffy Town has been spreading candylicious joy to sweet and sour candy enthusiasts for over 100 years. Our gourmet salt water taffy is whipped to creamy perfection in small, high-quality batches right here in the USA. We use only the best ingredients and flavors to create sweet and sour taffy morsels that melt in your mouth.

Dive into a bag of our fan-favorite Sassy Sour Fruits Taffy, loaded with a bunch of different flavors that are sure to satisfy your sour candy cravings. These tongue-tingling treats come in Lemon, Green Apple, Cherry, Raspberry, and more!

Celebrate with Taffy Town

After all the enjoyably lip-puckering moments and lifetime favorites that sour candy has given us, this zesty candy category deserves some recognition. Here are 5 fun ways to celebrate National Sour Candy Day:

Sour Candy Buffet

No sour candy celebration is complete without a colorful buffet of tangy fruit chews, sour gummies, zesty candy belts, and other tart confections. As you assemble your collection of tangy delights, definitely be sure to grab a bag of Warheads -- the world's most sour candy.

Lay down a brightly colored table runner and fill glass jars and bowls with all of your favorite sour candy brands. Don’t forget to invite a few bags of Taffy Town’s sour salt water taffy to the party!

Blind Taste Test

A blind taste test is such a hilariously entertaining game to play on National Sour Candy Day. With such a massive variety of pure and hybrid sour candy flavors, contestants are in for the most challenging (and delicious) taste test of their lives. Blindfold each contestant and let them guess the flavors of one sour bite after another.

Straight Face Contest

Do you think you could keep a straight face with a mouthful of some of the most shocking zesty candies on the market? Put your skills to the test with a contest to see who can keep their lips from puckering while eating super sour sweets. The last person to crack wins!

Sour Candy Potluck

Let’s explore a fresh variety of tangy belts, ropes, gummies, and hard candies with a potluck-style celebration. Tell all of your guests to bring sour candy to share, whether it’s their favorite treat or the most sour candy they can find.

Sour Candy Dessert Bars

Everybody loves a good buffet-style dessert bar, where guests can create their own sundaes, floats, frosted cookies, and so on. For this very special occasion, however, provide a selection of toppings in the tangy variety. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your combinations: you might just discover a new favorite tradition!

Celebrate National Sour Candy Day with Taffy Town on social media! Snap some pictures and share your celebration with us on Facebook or Instagram. We can’t wait to see how you celebrate this delicious holiday of zesty goodness!

Here’s to Sour Candy

On July 18th, let’s show this beloved candy a little extra love and appreciation. Throw a sour candy celebration, stock up on your favorite brands and flavors, or explore the candy aisle and try something new.

No matter how you celebrate, you can’t go wrong with a bag of Taffy Town’s Sassy Sour Taffy. Order online today or reach out to us for more information about our delectable gourmet taffy, our thoroughly vetted candy-making process, or whatever else you might need.

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