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Taffy Taste Test

The Results Are In! A Chewy Candy & Taffy Taste Test

For candy lovers, it’s worth looking beyond what you can find at the pharmacy or grocery store. If you love a chewy treat like Laffy Taffy or Tootsie Rolls, look at gourmet options that take the flavor, texture, and enjoyment to the next level.

The Difference Between Popular Candy Aisle Brands and Gourmet Taffy Town Candy

Our gourmet taffy got its delicious reputation for several reasons. Take a peek inside our kitchen for a closer look at how we make the world’s best taffy.

Taffy Town's Homemade Recipe

A whipped meringue forms the fluffy base of our taffy recipe. By whipping egg whites until they’re light and pillowy like a cloud, we add unparalleled softness to taffy that’s hard to find elsewhere. This unique addition also cuts down on the messiness taffy can be known for; our taffy melts in your mouth rather than sticking to your teeth.

Taffy Town's Unique Whipping Process

Unlike other taffy makers who pull their taffy, we use a whipped process. Quickly whipping the taffy adds more air to the candy, giving Taffy Town taffy its famous texture.

Homemade Family Recipe


We’ve been making delicious homemade candies in Utah for generations. Our factory ships fresh candy across the country every day. However, at heart, we remain a local, family business. This helps us maintain superior customer service and a heart for quality candy.


We add only the best flavors and ingredients to give our taffy a gourmet taste. You’ll find richer, more robust flavors that are true-to-life thanks to our test kitchen’s meticulous approach to recipe-making.

Taffy Town’s Taffy Flavors vs. Laffy Taffy Flavors

If you’re a true candy-lover, you’ve likely tried Laffy Taffy, an individually wrapped taffy candy manufactured by the Ferrara Candy Company. This taffy is well-known for its bright packaging and the good, clean joke that’s printed on every wrapper. For fans of chewy candy, Laffy Taffy is easy to grab at your local convenience store or grocer. However, for those taffy connoisseurs looking for the best taffy candy to add to their rotation, Taffy Town’s taffy meets and exceeds Laffy Taffy’s offerings, flavor for flavor. Our taffy also features a softer and more delicate texture than the thick and heavy consistency of Laffy Taffy.

Taffy Town Banana Salt Water Taffy

Taffy Town’s Banana Taffy vs. Laffy Taffy’s Banana Taffy:

Our Banana Salt Water Taffy has a more authentic banana flavor. Can’t get enough banana flavor? We make Banana Cream Pie and Banana Split, too. This classic flavor makes the cut for our Best-Sellers Collection, proving its a flavor worth trying yourself.

Taffy Town Strawberry Salt Water Taffy

Taffy Town’s Strawberry Taffy vs. Laffy Taffy’s Strawberry Taffy:

Our Strawberry Taffy gives a softer, whipped consistency and juicy strawberry flavor that more closely resembles a real in-season strawberry. For even more strawberry goodness, try our Strawberry Cheesecake Taffy or Strawberry Banana Taffy.

Taffy Town Grape Salt Water Taffy

Taffy Town’s Grape Taffy vs. Laffy Taffy’s Grape Taffy:

The same tartness you expect from a glass of grape juice can be found in our Grape Taffy. Unlike the dulled, artificial grape flavor that many candies feature, ours packs more flavor into every chew.

Taffy Town Cherry Salt Water Taffy

Taffy Town’s Cherry Taffy vs. Laffy Taffy’s Cherry Taffy:

Nothing but fresh cherry flavor goes into our Cherry Saltwater Taffy. Richer and more robust than Laffy Taffy’s cherry flavoring, our taffy lives up to the taste of sun-ripened cherry.

Taffy Town Green Apple Salt Water Taffy

Taffy Town’s Green Apple Taffy vs. Laffy Taffy’s Sour Apple Taffy:

Green apple is a favorite flavor in many candies, with taffy being no exception. Our Green Apple Taffy packs a tart and juicy punch, without losing the authentic taste of a Granny Smith. If apple is a personal favorite flavor, check out our other apple options, like Apple Pie Taffy, Caramel Apple Taffy, and Candy Apple Taffy.

Taffy Town Raspberry Salt Water Taffy

Taffy Town’s Raspberry Taffy vs. Laffy Taffy’s Wild Blue Raspberry Taffy:

Thick and sticky, Laffy Taffy’s blue raspberry taffy feels like candy made for kids. While blue Raspberry Taffy is one of those flavors that brings back childhood nostalgia, our version is sweet, and a bit sour, while elevating this classic flavor into one adults are happy to indulge in, too.

Our latest rave review says it all:

“I have looked and looked for this Raspberry Taffy after having it for the first time years ago. It's just so good. I'm not even a big fan of taffy, but man, I love these!”

In addition to matching Laffy Taffy’s small handful of flavors, we offer much, much more. Our collection of 80+ salt water taffy flavors means you can try even more unique flavors like Red Velvet Cake Taffy, Blueberry Muffin Taffy, Buttered Popcorn Taffy, Cherry Cola, Chili Mango, and other unique and exciting flavors. To level up your taffy experience, don’t take our word for it — order Taffy Town and conduct your own taste test at home!

Taffy Town’s Flavors vs. Tootsie Rolls Flavors

Tootsie Rolls have been around for over a hundred years, and tout themselves as the number one-selling chewy chocolate candy in America.

Taffy Town Chocolate Salt Water Taffy

Chocolate Taffy vs. Tootsie Rolls:

While Tootsie Rolls offer a great chewy texture, their cocoa flavor falls a bit flat for chocoholics looking for rich, chocolate flavor. Our Chocolate Taffy offers the same chewy, soft texture you love in Tootsie Rolls, but gives a richer flavor that mimics your favorite chocolate bar. For true chocolate lovers, Chocolate Saltwater Taffy from Taffy Town gives a satisfying improvement to the lighter cocoa flavor you find in Tootsie Rolls lining grocery store shelves. For even more chocolate concoctions, try our Chocolate Malt Taffy (which tastes just like your favorite frozen drink), Chocolate Mint Taffy, or Chocolate Chip Cookie Taffy.

Taffy Town Vanilla Salt Water Taffy

Vanilla Taffy vs. Tootsie Roll Vanilla Midgies:

The classic counterpart to traditional chocolate Tootsie Rolls are Vanilla-Flavored Midgies, bite-size vanilla-flavored chews. A bit hard to find, Vanilla Midgies are one of the only mass-produced chewy vanilla candies. These candies mimic the same texture and chew of Tootsie Rolls, yet their artificial vanilla flavor also falls a bit short. We make our Vanilla Taffy using real vanilla extract for a homemade vanilla taste that’s anything but boring. Hear from just a few of our customers on their own taste test reviews:

  • “The vanilla taffy has that smooth, silky, buttery taste that’s out of this world!”
  • “This vanilla taffy taste just like freshly made taffy from the fair. Very good!”

Taste the Gourmet Difference with Taffy Town

Taste the Gourmet Difference with Taffy Town

No matter what flavor you’re digging into — from vanilla and chocolate to fruity favorites — our taffy rises above other popular, chewy candies on the market. With high-quality ingredients, a unique whipping process, and extra care in every batch, we are certain you’ll love upgrading your sweet tooth to enjoy our one-of-a-kind candy. Shop all 80+ flavors now; Taffy Town can be shipped right to your door, anywhere within the United States!

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