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Fall into pumpkin season with October's Flavor of the Month - Pumpkin Pie Taffy! Enjoy your favorite fall dessert in a bite-sized treat. Get a FREE 4.5oz bag of Pumpkin Pie Taffy with every order over $40!

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We are so excited to introduce a NEW Saltwater Taffy flavor for 2020! Taffy Town’s CANDY BAR taffy gives you a delightful bite of milky chocolate wrapped around a soft, caramel with a creamy peanut butter center. The entire month of January you can enjoy 30% off all purchases of our Candy Bar Taffy.
Enjoy the taste of soft, freshly baked cinnamon rolls with the sweet cream cheese frosting and spice of Cinnamon that make the perfect combination. This flavor is the perfect treat you need to transition from fall to winter! The entire month of December you can enjoy 30% off all purchases of our Cinnamon Roll Taffy. 
This delicious taffy has a light and creamy cheesecake flavor wrapped up with a soft caramel center. Through the entire month of November you can enjoy 30% off all purchases of our Caramel Cheesecake Taffy.
Just like the ripe apples you get at your local orchard, our Candy Apple Taffy is the best treat you will have all season. What makes our Candy Apple taffy better than the rest?
Do you love biting into a sweet, plump and juicy grape? Try our classic Grape Saltwater Taffy, and you will understand why so many customers are addicted to it.
Whether you are watching your favorite movie or just want to enjoy the wonderful flavor of buttered popcorn without getting your hands greasy, our buttered popcorn taffy is a perfect choice.
Have you ever dreamt of eating all of your favorite flavors in one tasty treat? Well, July is the month for you because our Neapolitan taffy is 30% off all month long. Neapolitan combines the best of three worlds—vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry—into a single bite. But what makes this flavor unique doesn’t lie all in its taste, but its history. Just take a look.
Raspberry Lemonade Flavored Taffy - June Flavor of the Month
Summer is in full swing, don’t miss a beat with Taffy Town’s Summertime Flavors. Our Summertime Promo offer includes 30% off all of our Summertime Flavors.
Taffy Town was a proud exhibitor at the 2019 Sweet & Snacks Expo this year in Chicago, Illinois. We had a wonderful time and met so many delicious companies along the way. As you might imagine, we brought a lot of taffy with us.
Last year was a great year for Taffy Town; one of our biggest years yet. As we expanded our business, you were expanding your taste buds. Many of our customers, including you, discovered your favorite saltwater taffy treat. From the classics to the latest concoctions drummed up by our flavor experts, there were plenty of options for you to choose from.

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