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What if we told you that our salt water taffy could help your company drive revenue, save money, and prevent employee turnover? Keep reading about our taffy corporate gifts to learn more!

Everyone loves the sweet taste of maple syrup, and maple taffy is just as incredible! For over 100 years, people have pulled their own taffy and created their own maple taffy recipes. But should you actually DIY your maple taffy? Find out on our blog!

We receive questions about many of our unique taffy flavors, but customers ask about our Peanut Butter Taffy above all other flavors! From how it’s made to whether it actually contains peanuts, this flavor has always been the center of attention. If you’ve ever wondered what makes our Peanut Butter Taffy as unique as it is irresistible, you’re not alone!

So, what makes Taffy Town’s Peanut Butter Taffy so great? Keep reading to find out!

Customers from around the country love to learn why Taffy Town’s sugar-free taffy is so unique, and we have the answers to your questions right here!
COVID-19 has affected much of our daily lives, but even a pandemic can't stop Halloween. Learn how to make Halloween 2020 sweeter than ever with these tips!
Our summer salt water taffy flavors will keep the sunshine in your day, year round! From grape and watermelon to peanut butter taffy, we have it all!
When you’ve got a sweet tooth, there are few things that truly satisfy it. Sometimes chocolate just doesn’t do the trick. The most sure-fire way we know to satisfy a sweet tooth is Salt Water Taffy! Not only is taffy delicious, the endless flavor variety means that you’ll never grow sick of your favorite treat.
Everyone loves a good lemon candy and the mix of sweet and tart flavors that come along with it. Taffy Town has come up with a tasty lemon taffy that will be your new go to whenever the cravings hit. This Lemon Cream taffy is so delicately sweet and creamy with a perfect lemon kick.
The Irish know a thing or two about living life to the fullest. We at Taffy Town know a bit about taffy and if you ask us what makes life worth living, it's eating your fair share of our favorite taffy flavors.
There are so many ways to enjoy Cherry flavored candy, but our favorite is definitely in taffy form. Enjoy a classic Salt Water Taffy flavor with our Cherry taffy. This juicy treat is the perfect mix of tart and sweet and tastes like you just picked it off the tree.
We are so excited to introduce a NEW Saltwater Taffy flavor for 2020! Taffy Town’s CANDY BAR taffy gives you a delightful bite of milky chocolate wrapped around a soft, caramel with a creamy peanut butter center. The entire month of January you can enjoy 30% off all purchases of our Candy Bar Taffy.
Enjoy the taste of soft, freshly baked cinnamon rolls with the sweet cream cheese frosting and spice of Cinnamon that make the perfect combination. This flavor is the perfect treat you need to transition from fall to winter! The entire month of December you can enjoy 30% off all purchases of our Cinnamon Roll Taffy. 

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